So I had wanted to do the Disney College Program. Apps drop tomorrow and everything, I was getting pretty excited. Until now. I’ve realized if I go, I will come home to not having a job and lots of bills to pay. Sure I have money saved, for after I graduate college, whenever that is. But I can’t afford to lose the jobs I have now. No other company will be paying as well or giving me as many hours. I’m actually very bummed, I’ve never been to Disney so this was going to be my first time. I built up all these things that could maybe happen, thought about what an amazing experience it would be for me and how awesome it would be to have on my resume, but it turns out like many things, I can’t do it.


Watching: 30 Rock
Reading: Self Help books
Listening to: The Decemberist, Disney, and Fleet Foxes
Working on: Life and anxiety problems

It's summer and finally warm